Friday, October 30, 2009

To the Zoo!

Going on a field trip after a hard test, while it's cold outside, on a miserable rainy day... Sounds lovely doesn't it? Well after a crazy week of tests and a week intensive shooting we needed to have some fun. We really didn't expect it to be fun but it turned out to be a fun time hanging with the girls. Andrea, Sheldean, and Hannah made the cold experience easier to handle with all the laughter. After we let go and sucked it up we took some awesome pictures. I'm not sure the animals were really happy to be out either but they still looked cute enough to take pictures of. We also ended up finding other interesting things around the Zoo other then the animals to take images of. Like each other, and the fact that it was Boo at the Zoo and Fall time made things a little more interesting to Photograph.
Enjoy the pics.

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