Thursday, February 25, 2010

Movie week

The 3 movies I watched during movie week Extravaganza were Pecker, Born Into Brothels and O Brother, Where Art Thou?.

Starting out with Pecker. Pecker was funny! Did I enjoy it? Not really, It was the obvious kind of funny where you know when the joke was coming, and a lot of play on words. I did like some of his images and the way they made fun of the snoby aspects of Photography and the social inferiors of the photographic industry and to make light of it gave me sense of not to take that aspect of photography so seriously.

Born Into Brothels was an awesome movie! I loved it! This is a must see for anyone. This documentary about a photographer (Zana Briski) who sets out to teach children of prostitutes in Sonagachi, Kolkata's red light district and then ends up teaching them so much more about whats out there and helping them to escape their current living situations. To see where photography can take you and to see how good these kids were was really inspiring.

Then Finally to O Brother, Where Art Thou? I liked this movie a lot. I think the story is great and it has an awesome sound track. But what it really had to do with photography I don't know... Good thing we watched the extra features on the DVD. I really can appreciate the warm tones and unsaturated effects they added to the movie really gave you the sense of how hot and dry the "dirty 30's" (great depression) were. I can appreciate this because I've recently learned at school the advantages of making an image seem warm and cold feeling.